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Rest is not enough

About Us

Oxeia Biopharmaceuticals is a clinical stage biotech company developing drug treatments for concussion and underlying neuro-metabolic dysfunction.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 2.2 million cases of mild traumatic brain injury (concussions) are seen in US hospital emergency rooms every year. Other estimates suggest 4 – 5 million concussions to be more accurate if unreported events are also considered. Research in the last two decades has increasingly linked concussions to neurodegenerative conditions including dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

The gravity of a concussion is now paramount and the notion of ‘getting your bell rung’ is no longer a passing consequence of contact sports or military activity. It is a significant unmet medical need that may lead to more debilitating neurological disease. Individuals at risk for concussions need innovative medical solutions to aid recovery – Rest is not enough.



Concussions and neurodegeneration share common molecular pathology including acute neuro-mitochondrial dysfunction. The dysfunction in our cellular ‘power centers’ leads to a prolonged energy crisis that approximates symptom duration and build up of toxic free radicals.

Oxeia’s lead program, OXE-103, is a potent mitochondrial stabilizer that freely crosses the blood brain barrier and activates a well-characterized pathway that directly promotes normal mitochondrial activity. In doing so brain energy homeostasis is restored. OXE-103 was identified as a therapeutic candidate for concussion through research on the neuro-enteric axis and its affect on brain physiology. The ‘gut-brain’ highway is increasingly a focus of biotechnology research and development in a number of CNS and metabolic conditions.

Pre-clinical research with OXE-103 in traumatic brain injury models clearly demonstrated efficacy and confirmed mechanism of activity. Oxeia is now working with its advisors to plan human clinical studies for the molecule.